Might make some enemies on this one..

Alright, so it’s been like what? A month? Some crazy shit has went down that I’m not going to bore you with here. This blog is not for whining about my personal life, it’s for nerdy shit. So here goes with some nerdy ranting.

A couple days ago, Dan had mentioned that he was thinking about trying to trade the Xbox we had for a PS3. He really missed some of the indie games on it, as well as some of the other exclusives, and there was more coming out on the PS3 than the Xbox that he wanted to play. Next thing I know, we’re at Game Stop trading in all our games and our system to get a PS3.

So now we have our 320gb PS3 slim sitting next to our Sony Bravia TV, and all is right with world.  Or something. This is the…3rd time we’ve had a PS3, and have, over time, accumulated a good amount of downloaded content. So we spent a majority of the day yesterday installing all of that.  Today, Dan was browsing through the store, at some of the themes and dynamic themes you can download for the PS3.  There is one whole category devoted to “Babes”. Dan started laughing and looked through them. And the more he looked at, the more angry I got.

Let me stop here to say I am not some radical feminist. I am for women’s rights, and I am strongly against the objectification of women. Using women as sex objects helps no one, and it really bothers me that Sony has so many themes that do just that. Almost every single theme with a woman, had her in skimpy clothing, suggestive poses, and some of the dynamic themes were even of them exercising in their underwear. I am absolutely disgusted with Sony’s view of women. It’s degrading, it’s unrealistic, and is alienates female players.

I’m not so naive that I don’t realize that a lot of regular users of console systems are male. However, I probably know just as many, if not more, female gamers than male. And after reading about how females were treated at E3 and other gaming conventions, it makes me really sad. I’ve played games every since I was little. I had a handheld Donkey Kong arcade machine, as well as a Donkey Kong Jr one. I saved up for months to be able to buy my first Game Boy, and some of my favorite memories are of playing video games with my mom and step-dad.

Everyone makes fun of Nintendo, and their casual gaming, but you know what? Not once have I ever, ever felt like Nintendo objectify women in anyway. They welcome female gamers with open arms.

I only hope that one day, the rest of the gaming community will do the same.


Sony’s E3 press conference

So we’ve been watching Sony’s press conference, because it’s one of the first I’ve had time to watch. Here’s some thoughts on it

The Wonderbook thing is kind of cool, but I can already see some people taking HUGE issue with some of the books. Like Book of Spells.

This press conference is really making me miss having a PS3. I think I’ll have to pick one up when I have a bit of extra money.

The Beyond game they showed as their very first game looks absolutely amazing. I’m hoping that it will be well received, and I’m beyond thrilled that they’ve created a female main character, that doesn’t look like she’s a damsel in distress.

The Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal looks *so* much like Smash Brothers Brawl. It still looks awesome, and I can’t wait to see more gameplay footage, and find out more of the characters that are going to be involved.

The new Assassins Creed game looks good, but the only deterring factor for me would be the ships. I don’t do well with driving games, and if I have to steer the ship, I think I’d quickly lose interest. If it’s not a huge aspect of the game, it might not be bad. I’ll have to learn more, before I decide if it’s a game I’m seriously interested in.

Did I miss something? Since when could Kratos control time? It’ll give the game an interesting new dimension, however, and actually makes me intrigued. I’ve never had much interest in God of War, outside of the mythology of it, but this could be pretty cool.

Last of Us looks interesting. Not really my thing, as far as the game play goes, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for playthroughs on youtube and the like.

Overall, pretty impressive. Bravo Sony.